Get Westernized with Classic Bawean Cafe Flavor

Posted: 2011/07/02 in Food, Traveling
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Back to culinary report from Bandung city. I’d like to introduce one fine bakery/gelato/resto/cafe that in fact, is famous and has its own segment of fans. Please welcome, Bawean bakery/gelato/resto/cafe… Surprisingly, Bawean has been established since 1946 so even though I have never heard of this resto before, some people is familiar with it.

Bawean offers all in package from Bandung’s famous snacks like bolen and brownies, to cakes, gelato, and even heavy meals. There are two branches of Bawean, the original one is located at Bawean street and the other one is at R. E. Martadinata street or commonly known as Riau street. During my stay at Bandung few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Riau street branch. The store here has two levels. The first floor is utilized as the bakery and gelator bar. You can find many selection of roll cake, bolen, picnic basket (basically a pastry with chicken/beef plus veggie and boiled egg filling), western cake, macaroon (light biscuit made with egg white and sugar), and home made gelato. The second floor is for restaurant and cafe area. You could sit beside the windows to get the Riau street view below.

First warning for moslems culinary freaks, Bawean is famous for roll cake with rhum, so be sure not to buy them. The store keeper said that the rhum is used in the dough, not just as an icing like usual usage of rhum in cakes. The signature rhum roll cake of Bawean is nougat which has peanut flavor and thick vanilla cream (as told by my non moslem friend XD). They also sell non rhum brownies if you have pre ordered fisrt. I had my first macaroon tasting here. I only ever heard about macaroon from Australian Junior Masterchef before so I was so thrilled to had a chance to taste it. Macaroon is one of Bawean’s signature cookies as well. They come in many flavor: cheese, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, cappuccino, strawberry, and many more. They are delicious buat a little bit too sweet for me. I’d like to give high appreciation to the cheese cake sold here. I had the best cheese cake eating experience here. I tried the oreo cheese cake (Bawean has original cheese cake, blueberry cheese cake, oreo cheese cake, and praline cheese cake). The taste is so rich in cheese yet pretty light that you might crave for more servings after finishing a slice! Another western cake I’ve tasted is strawberry yoghurt cake. It is delicious and so refreshing with the sour taste of yoghurt even though it wasn’t as mind blowing as the cheese cake XD

Bawean also sells homemade gelato. They are sold in cup packaging and have many flavors: strawberry (refreshing sour taste just like yoghurt), green tea (delightful taste without bitter residue afterward), cappuccino (light coffee flavored), rhum raisin, vanilla, and few more flavor that I have failed to remember, sorry ^^; The gelato is heavenly, taste delicious yet so light.

Just like any other cafe, Bawean also has some beverages selection. If you order hot beverage, you will automatically get two pieces of choco chips cookies that taste really really good. The balance of dark chocolate and sugar is outstanding. They also sell the cookies in five big rounded pieces pack. Apart from choco chips, they has peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, and some other flavor. The hot chocolate itself is really rich in chocolate taste and comes in big cup. But again, it’s a little bit too sweet for me.

Now let’s take the stairs and up to the second level. It’s time to enjoy a full course heavy meal ^_^ The second floor has minimalistic dining table sets. With the smart furnitures arrangement, the actually small space feels quite spacious. It gives cozy and comfortable ambience so you might want to just lounging around sipping hot chocolate or coffee here. The restaurant section of Bawean offers mostly western food. They have selections of beef, chicken and fish. Too bad they were run out of fish during my visit there. The serving size is adequate for adult and perhaps a little bit too big for children. The taste is as gorgeous as the appearance. Two thumbs up for the chef ^_^d A special desert you must try is hot chocolate melt cake. The cake is full with delicious chocolate filling and accompanied with a scope of strawberry gelato. The combination of bitter sweet chocolate and sweet sour strawberry is just wonderful.

My last word for you, culinary freaks, never pass a chance to visit Bawean. Try each section that is offered here and savour the taste because your taste bud will be thanking you so much ^_^


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